Viral-driven Based Content

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

What’s Trending?

Now-a-days the success of our content is measured by how many views, likes and shares we generate from it. Many content curators struggle with what they want to post versus what they feel they need to post. The structure and topical headers are carefully crafted so as to lure in as many click-happy individuals as possible. Often sacrificing truth and authenticity for sensationalized curiosity.

So who wins out?

What type of culture are we creating when we reward nonsensical content over well-thought out material?

So many expressions get lost in the mire of feeling as though “my voice and my content” do not matter enough to be heard because it will not be what people want to read about or hear. Many of us, however, would be okay with this view as we believe there are already too many voices and opinions being granted the space for expression. Still others, however, would lobby for those who feel the former way to not be discouraged or hesitant to speak what is on their heart.

Whichever side of the field you stand on, my hope is that you at least think twice about why you are clicking on what you are clicking on. Do we turn to online content for mere entertainment only? The latest news? Or do we search this space for it’s ability to provide us with thought-provoking content? If the latter, what are we doing to elevate this type of content so that this becomes our new norm?

I’d love to hear what you think about this in the comment section below – who wants to get the conversation started?