Tons of Content…Very little of Substance

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Photo credit: Google Image

Boy there is just nothing to watch on television these days. I mean with the myriad of options everywhere from Netflix, to Hulu, to Amazon Prime Video to YouTube, the list is endless. How do we have ALL THIS CONTENT and very little of it is edifying?

1,000+ channels of eat your heart out television bliss yet very little of it is of interest. It’s just the same ole content remixed and reformatted. I guess that’s why anybody can be successful now-a-days and put up anything because it’s all garbage. Garbage I say!

Now I know what many of you may be saying…well Krystle not all of it is garbage. I’ve actually been able to find quite a few shows that have me hooked! Oh yeah, well kudos to you. You may have a particular niche preference that is currently being served up with a large order of fries. But for the rest of us – we are starvin over here! We want fresh, good, thought provoking content!

Making the push for new narratives however is no easy task. How do you change the appetite of a society that seems to crave junk when you are wanting to serve up a refreshing plate of fruit?

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

How do new content creatives get the play and exposure they deserve when videos like this are going viral? The old philosophy is true, there are a lot of undiscovered artist and talent out there who just aren’t getting the mainstream play they deserve. So where do you find such rich content if you aren’t getting connected to these underground artists?

Well, word of mouth if of course always the best way to start. You could also just randomly click on Spotify playlists or go on a YouTube recommended black hole of death bonanza. Or you could do my favorite which is create the content you wish to see! Now for the media production and technology challenged out there. This may not be a viable option for you, but if you’re up for the task of learning it very well could be! Hey who knows you may find out that you’re better than you think you are and love producing content.

We need more brave souls to step out of the box to help create a different set of content for the online world to enjoy. Well… maybe not the world….but MAYBE the world. Hey! You never know who and where your unique idea will pop up and who it will resonate with. All I know is that there is no shortage of same-minded narratives that need to take the backseat to creative content that truly ignites a positive and engaging spark in our viewing experience.

Will you be one?

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