Idiocracy ….this is where we’re headed

Remember this movie?

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Yeah….this is where we are headed.

No literally.

I cannot tell you how much this movie prophetically calls out the near future reality of our society. If you’ve never seen the movie, which btw is a struggle to watch, you’re in for a number. A friend of mine introduced me to this movie several years ago and having no clue what it was about, I sat there involuntarily losing about 15,789 brain cells through 84 minutes of befuddlement.  Not knowing what in the world was going on or what was happening to me, as I stared at this screen trying to figure it all out, it finally dawned on me towards the end. Wow …this is where we are headed.

This fictional depiction of a society full of idiots is nothing short of sagacity.

How could these writers satirically portray and predict such an accurate account of our tomorrow? Well I guess it isn’t too difficult to predict, due to the many prevalent news articles of people blunders and whimsical leadership in our public and private sector. And let’s not EVEN talk about the political shenanigans that goes on and the “leaders” that are in place. Just an utterly ridiculous idiocracy.

Now some of you readers out there maybe saying well we aren’t headed there….we ARE there. And you know what? I pretty much will agree with you there. A huge chunk of this is due to the ever growing effects of technology that we have allowed dumb us down.

I remember reading an insurance article that spoke about the popular trend of wearable technology (watches, glasses, etc). The article detailed accounts of people who relayed they supported the use of technology in many ways including having this technology track every vital organ and make recordings of it so that they wouldn’t have to use or rely on their memory. They championed the use of technology taking over and doing everything for them instead of using their brains and hoped for life to soon become fully automated.


So you are willingly agreeing to let technology think for you??

Welp I guess so…

“hey google, alexa, siri, cortana and friends…what should I do next?”

I also recently stumbled across a technology podcast that centered a conversation around this app called webot. It was therapy app that was never released due to the controversial nature of its platform. Essentially, this app would be your therapist and would give you automated feedback based on your text message. These replies would of course be based on a “well thought out” algorithim and would be available 24/7 so that you wouldn’t dare call a friend or family member in the middle of the night when you’re in crisis. Let alone pray about it. Oh no…this app would come to the rescue and help “tell you what you should do or how you should feel.” It would take the place of talking with a human who “doesn’t listen” because I guess now we don’t even have the memory capacity to do it (since we’ve given that over too).

All this has played a huge part in the momentous snowball of society becoming dumber and dumber. Where we’ve shifted from calling people “smart” to giving this title to phones, tv’s and other electronic devices. Yeah we’re making “advancements” in technology and science but are we really “progressing” as people?

That is the true question…

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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