Victoria, British Columbia….Colorful Peacocks and Friendly People

If I could live anywhere in the world my #1 choice would be New Zealand. Coming in a close second would be Victoria, Canada. What a beautiful and serene place!

photo jul 14, 2 29 50 pmphoto jul 13, 4 47 06 pm

Now I’m sure every city has it’s “not so pretty” streets and places to wander near…but I tell you what…I didn’t find many up in the pristine location of Victoria, British Columbia.

Between the Fisherman’s Wharf and the drives in and around town, the experience for me as a visitor won me over for sure! Certainly more of a nature feign than consumeristic, I enjoyed the mountainous vibes, ocean breeze and fresh air. The fresh seafood at the Wharf (although pricey) was tasty and it was cool to meet quite of few friendly locals while on the boardwalk.

When I visited Victoria a few years back, my main goal was to check out Royal Roads University. A family member of mine, told me about their tourism program and I flew up to check out the school grounds, community and program. The Hatley Castle and grounds are certainly beautiful and looks just at it appears in the Johnny Depp movie Richard Says Goodbye. I ran into the most color-filled peacocks I had ever seen! The richness of these peacocks wings and body where nothing short of stunning. Of course, I’m not a peacock geek but it was a welcomed surprise as I was touring the campus.

While, I believe Canada just got Lyft, for the most part it’s still not widespread. So traveling to Canada largely means being forced to rent a car. Which is not cheap by any means…in fact I spent more on a two day car rental than I did on my Airbnb and food combined. This was the only downside to traveling to Victoria. Other than that, I cannot think of anything else that wouldn’t cause me to return to the beautiful land of Victoria, BC.

P.S. I”m told Vancouver or any where in the BC area carries a similar sensation as Victoria. So if you’re looking to visit the Pacific Northwest, take a quick shuttle flight from Seattle to visit either of the two cities.

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