Female vs Male- Which Gender is Safer to Travel the World Solo?

Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

The other day I was listening to a TED talk that showed a young man showcasing his recent hitchhiking journey across the world. As I courageously scrolled to the bottom of the page and read the comments from video viewers the majority of the comments centered around one main debate. Well if you haven’t guessed it by now, based on this blog title, the topic of contention was the argument of whether or not a female could embark on the same type of spontaneous solo adventure. Could a single female take the same risks that our video presenter was so casually recapping with the audience? Or are there unspoken travel rules that women have to adhere to that men don’t? The presenters’ talk was meant to inspire listeners to travel and engage with others by discarding their scheduled plans and inhibitions, instead it produced fears and questions about whether he was just “lucky” to have made it back alive. 

As someone who has solo traveled many places throughout the world, I must say there are many things one must concern themselves with regarding general safety. Everytime I talk with others about my travels, the first thing they mention is how in awe they are that I have traveled by myself. They mention they could never do that, and wonder how i was able to manage it all ….by myself. Whenever I hear this, I’m in awe that they are in awe. As I haven’t had this fear-based mentality when I’ve traveled. I think if i thought about it, I would never travel- anywhere. Especially not by myself. But since I don’t – I GO.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are travel precautions I take whenever I solo travel and I am typically on heightened alert when perusing a new town. There also are certain places that I’m not interested in going due to my own personal reservations about that particular country. Needless to say, I’ve heard guys who have traveled solo who’ve gotten robbed several times, and females who’ve been to more places than those same male counterparts and have only experienced travel mishaps that weren’t safety related. So at the end of the day it’s really a toss up in my opinion of whether it is safer for men to travel solo vs women. A lot depends on timing, location, and the individual.

What do you think?

How Global Warming Affected My First Trip to Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska.

Oh how I love thee! If you’ve never been to Alaska, you must go. Even if it’s just for the air quality alone. The fresh mountain breeze and crisp air is wholly rejuvenating. Between the picturesque snow capped mountains, wildlife, and fresh seafood- Alaska is a win in my book!

After embarking on a brief tour of the local scenery, I made a pit stop at Portage glacier which is an enclosed inlet of what used to be a massive glacier. I say “used to be” because what’s left of it are merely sheets of ice floating on the water. The local who I was with informed me that when they first moved there almost 25 years prior that they used to be able to reach their hand out and touch the glacier that protruded above water several feet.

Now due to warming of the earth over the last few decades, this is what’s left of it. While still magnificently beautiful, my imagination could only wonder what it must have been like to have seen it in its prime years ago. I must say I felt slightly cheated of the true glacier experience and at that point realized the severity of how our lack of creation care has affected our natural phenomenons. We (society) must think twice about the preservation of our land. How can we be more sustainable? So that generations behind us can partake of the beauty this earth has to offer. This is what travel does. It opens our eyes to what has happened all over and what our part is in all this.

The “green” conversation is not new as it has already been the driving force behind so many changes that have taken place. As you explore, I encourage you to consider the ways you can be open to furthering the cause of creation care.