Dirty, Anorexic or Mangled

Can you guess what I’m referring to?

Four words: Stray dogs in Thailand.

Throughout my time living in Thailand I encountered at least one if not all three types of of these dogs during my daily walk around town. Some were less aggressive than others, but still all were quite unnerving as someone who is not a fan of free roaming dogs. I literally can count on one hand the number of dogs I saw on a leash. I can also count on one hand the number of “healthy” looking dogs I encountered like the one below (in a doggy diaper btw).

I’m sure this is not an anamoly for only this country, but its definitely something to be aware of while traveling/living there.

Dear Airbnb host

You should really warn your guest that you’re renting your place on the low low….

Listen…i’m all for a side hustle…and I’m willing to participate if you cover all your loose ends…but don’t berate me about being a spoiler to your secretive but technically illegal use of your apartment/condo rental agreement.

If you’re not supposed to rent out your room per your agreement with your landlord…do us (future renters) a favor…don’t do it…not unless you’re willing to take the heat for getting caught.

We don’t know the rules…we don’t really care either…we just want a clean, reliable, and safe place to crash for a few nights…

If technically we are not supposed to use the amenities of your housing complex or we need to “lie” about who we are and why we are staying there…it’s just not a relaxing experience.

No shade…just truth.

Other than that happy air bnb-ing! 🙂