When was the last time your new bar of soap fell in the toilet?

No really? When was the last time your newly purchased bar of soap…herbal soap I might add….fell in the toilet? And on the first use!! Ummm I can’t think of a time!

When are you ever that close to the toilet in the shower?

Here in Thailand…all the time! (For those needing a visual of proximity see below)

Now some of you maybe thinking…now why don’t you close the lid when you finish using the bathroom?? Honestly, do we really want to get into this discussion?? Why don’t I just give you a nice little answer like I don’t like to touch it so I just leave it up…

Welp…today my toilet lid preference backfired!

It was like slow motion…left hand, ricochet off right arm…to right hand-fingertips…to airplane mode…lift off 😦 ….ooooooooh noooooooo ……(in my head thinking…I can’t save it- it’s flying too fast…please Lord let it at least hit the floor….wait….nooooooo not the toilet….noooooooooooooooooooooooo) …..sigh…..sigh…..sigh….pause…..pause….pause …..more pause…..

I can’t believe this….my brand new bar of tamarind herbal soap…down the toilet…money literally down the drain…sigh….

Welp! What can you do? It’s not like this is the first time I’ve ever “flushed away money” ….this is how I had to think about it to keep from being really upset. Thankfully I had purchased another bar of soap to replace the one off in toiletland…..see you later tamarind soap….until next time.

Is that a baht I see on the ground?

What’s in a baht? Well I’ve come to know ….a lot. Somehow in my head I have equated 1 baht to 1 penny…but in actuality I know this is absurd….a far fetched comparison. Because in the U.S. what can you buy for a penny? I seriously can’t think of anything….lets up the ante to 5 pennies…better yet 10? Mmmmm maybe the tax on some candy – but that’s really an insignificant amount that’s not worth saving or even worth bothering to stop and pick up the penny from the ground.

Here in Thailand a 1 baht coin adds up! And get you more with a baht than you would think.
Since there is no sales tax in Thailand, often things are priced on a sliding 1 baht scale. Now you would think they would make things easier by pricing everything rounded evenly to the nearest 0 or 5…but not so much- they like to throw in some 1, 6, 7 and 8’s just to psst you off and throw your ‘even money game’ off. So that 1 baht could seriously be the difference maker in breaking out that next bill.

Outside of this ….believe it or not you can actually buy a few things with 5 or less baht….mainly food and drink items – but hey! that’s better than nothin. You can even refill your liter water bottle at a local dispensing drinking station for guess what- 1 baht. So is it worth it to stop, bend down and pick up that baht?

Well it still depends on what it’s worth to you…but think twice before you pass up your next snack!