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Hello and welcome to Simple Life Conversations!

This site is a hybrid of my two e-books: “The Simple Life” and “Conversation Starters.” On this site I explore topics of faith, travel, finance and culture. Join listeners from around the world to hear my Podcast: Conversation Starters A Podcast on Faith, Travel, Finance & Culture.

Before you take this journey with me, I want to set you up for success! Have a look at the below synopsis so that you have a better understanding of what this site is all about!

What this site IS:

A prescriptive on life

Representative opinion of everyone

Completely politically correct

A forum/space for ‘comment wars’ through any of the comments feed

Endorsed by any entity

What this site IS:

A chance for you to tap into a potentially different perspective

An exploration of travel, faith and life

A hub for various other things

Blood, sweat, and tears of a real person


Okay so now that you know what this site is all about – are you ready to engage in the goodness??

If so, jump right in!


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